Glossary for Writing an Electric Thought classifies a range of six imaginative states between wake and sleep capturing in a distinctive graphic line the different degree of mental activity as it is recorded by electroencephalograms. Each line is translated and cut into perspex: using the fluorescency of the medium, the glow of its profile, its trasparency and the coloured shadows it projects, it becomes a vibrant spatial element, an expanded drawing of the feverish activity of the mind. Different colours help fancy, hypnagogia and dream stick out as the most feverish activities of the mind.

The work is part of a broader reasearch into ways of visualising imaginative thinking. Here, simple lines, basic drawing elements are charged with meaning, assimilated to a form of writing and examined for their potential to track the elusive flow of visual thinking. Altogether the installation presents a spectrum of marks, like a kit or toolbox one could use to grasp and make a transcript of the elusive flow of his imaginative consciousness.

Individually each shape crystallises into graphic representation one imaginative state that is engarved at its foot:
- intentional thinking
- fancy
- hypnagogia
- doziness
- deep unconscious sleep
- dream

Fluorescent perspex laser cut and engraved
175 x 300 x 10 cm