An ongoing series of digital diagrammatic drawings/poems done finger on iPhone or iPad over pages of text. They collect, appropriate, redraw, diagram and poeticize bits of literature that account for peculiar states of the mind, laying them over with my own handwritten notes, pictorial marks and diagrammatic structures of any thought that occurs while reading. The drawings are made simultaneously while reading, in an endevour to track the fleeting non-linear imaginative activity of the mind that, prompted by the text, goes on to saturate the rigid linear spaces of the page.

Digital drawings
ongoing series

2019 - continued


When I’m Engaged in Trying to Think Anything Out
Consciousness Is a Place Full of Images
To Exist in the Mind of Others
Models for Different Streams of Consciousness
Discrete and Discontionuous Chains of Things I
Discrete and Discontionuous Chains of Things II
Silence May Be Broken by a Thunder Clap, but That Very Confusion Is a Mental State
Compulsive/Collapsing System of an Overcrowded Imagination
The Hour of Deep Sleep
Anatomy of the Sleeping Mind (It Is as if the Milky Way Entered Upon Some Kind of Cosmic Dance)
All Fantasias of Possibilities
Outbreak Drawings (a, b, c, d, e, f)
Gigantic Dreams that Left Vague Perplexing Memories