'A peacock, evocative iconographic pretext, is the starting point for Maria Teresa Ortoleva's installation Imaginative Structure No.2 (The peacock model). A variety of versions of this subject, taken from across the social media, have been printed on a sheet of organza that, from a raised support, lays softly down onto the floor. In this way, a profusion of non-conciding yet interweaving images is generated, just as with the free associations of the mind or when surfing the web. The model of its development is a tree diagram, its structure being illustrated by a drawing on the wall. The happily cahotic accumulation of heterogeneous versions of a same subject celebrates the freedom and fecundity of imagination. And it appears to point an alternative to the predetermined associations to which internet users are exposed.'

(Stefano Castelli)

Finalist artwork at Premio Cairo 2017. Installation view at Palazzo Reale Milano.


Digital print on organza (1/1), brass and drawing (ink and stickers on cardboard)
Variable dimensions


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