Outdoor piece commissioned by Casa Testori for Contexto 2018, curated by Davide Dall'Ombra and organised with Edolo city council across different public spaces around the town of Edolo, Valle Camonica. Augmented Belvedere was located on the panoramic view point on top of the elevated piazza where the church of Santa Maria Nascente looks over the valley and the Alps.

Augmented Belvedere plays with the multiple levels of perceptive sight, contemplation and mental vision, that come into play when we look at the landscape and make up our experience of it. With a very simple layering and filtering mechanism, it also plays at expanding the idea of panorama as a "total, comprehensive view", that of belvedere the "good seeing" and echoing these classical themes with today ideas of augmented reality and intesified virtual experience. The distinctive shapes of the brainwaves that correspond to active looking, contemplative meditation, and fantastic wandering with the mind, are made into see-through and fluorescent layers of acrylic glass mounted on a steel structure, as if to reinvent one of those urban design components that furnish sightseeing touristic spots to aid and inform the viewing experience of visitors. The profile of the brainwaves echoes the outline of the mountains chain at the horizon, while the colours fragment, amplify and transfigure the view, turning nature and the city of Edolo into each member of the public's subjective image of the place. Exhibited outdoor over the whole of the Summer and early Autumn seasons, the sculpture interacts with the changing light at different times of the day, the electric lights of the town below, and the changes in the weather, filtering sun beams or playing with the glittery raindrops resting on the piece. Contingent events of the natural life or of the local human community are also reverberated by it, as with the flowers and baloons decorating the nearby church for a wedding or the presence of a grasshopper resting on it.

Acrylic glass and steel
100 x 50 x 30 cm