MIND WANDERING @22 Bishopsgate London 

Mind Wandering (Alpha Waves Concert) is a site specific installation commissioned by Mcdermott Will and Emery for the foyer of their London office at iconic 22 Bishopsgate and curated by Tiffiny Lendrum. The wall installation is made of a group of variations of alpha brainwaves associated with moments of mind wandering. Set at the centre of a functional office for work and productivity, the artwork uses colourful see-through, fluorescent, reflecting and shimemring materials to transfigure the perceptive experience of a practical passageway. While keeping its functionality, it transforms the space into a refreshing route not just of physical journey from room to room, but one on which the mind is prompted to open to free association, memory, reverie and creativity. The eight segments of brainwaves merge together forming like a sentence in the language of our mind, stimulating and articualing the benefits of allowing internal thoughts to have a physical place and a dedicated time in our daily activity to promote relaxation, mental wellness and inspire adventurous exploration in all that we do.

Acrylic glass
865 x 76 x 6 cm