Perception Is a Starry Sky works as a metaphor to describe the dynamic of gaze, action and imagination involved in the perception of places. The work takes the observation of stars in the sky as an empirical model to describe how the eyes navigate space in order to mentally form a composite perception of it. As the first sight of a star leads to the acknowledgment of another one next to it and a third one nearby, so architectural and objectual elements in a room - when they captures the sight of a viewer, prickle his attention, influence his posture and engage with his mind - they orientate subjective perception and awareness of the physiognomy of the place.

Echoing Roland Barthes’ notion of punctum, Perception Is a Starry Sky offers an experience of vision as a dynamic process of discovery, operating through involvement of movement of the eyes and fascination of subjective memory and imagination.

Perception Is a Starry Sky has been realized for The Slade MA/MFA Degree Show 2014, at The Slade School of Fine Art, London.