Triumphus Visionis (Bestiario) is a site-specific installation commissioned by Università Cattolica UCSC in Milano, for the stair of honors of the university on the occasion of Expo Milano 2015.

Taking off from literary reference to a vision of Peter in Acts 11, the work creates a bestiary of collected imagery through history and visual cultures. The digital collage results from the experimental use of comparative strategies for surveying archives, collections and databases. It reflects on the accessibility of resources, the experience of visiting them, techniques of note taking, mapping and appropriating.
The final print on suspended chiffon plays with elements of wonder and curiosity, pushing viewers to look upwards, move gradually exploring the surface of the fabric, while revealing the architecture of the ceiling. Thus, it offers an expereince of dialogue between the elements of fancy and knowledge, wonder and action, mind and body that operate in the multiple levels of vision.

The work has been shown at Univeristà Cattolica UCSC in Milano in Autumn 2015 as part of the exhibition Tutto Ho Posto Sotto i Tuoi Piedi curated by Cecilia de Carli and Elena Di Raddo. It is accompanied by a catalogue publication with a critical essay by Ginevra Addis and presented at the Vatican Pavillion at Expo. The production of the artwork has been sponsored by Serates, in Como's textile district.

The project can be tracked on social media via #TriumphusVisionis

Inkjet on chiffon
300 x 800 x 270 cm
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