Triumphus Visionis II presents the installation of printed silk chiffon originally commisioned by Università Cattolica UCSC for ExpoMilano2015, expanded to go on show at Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, into a new version exploring mechanisms of physiological and mental vision as propellers of action and movement. The space shaped by an immersive printed canopy is enriched with platforms and mirrors, which fragment and multiply the possible viewpoints, thus offering to the viewers first-hand experience of their imaginative faculties in action.

The printed fabric is populated by a survey of scientific and fantastic, realistic and legendary representations of animals: an extended version of the tradition of bestiaries. It takes from the internet and digital databases, comparing the processes of searching the web to those of imaginative thinking, proceding to accumulate elements of collective imagination in which each viewer can identify.

The installation is complemented by a series of drawings and scores as propositions and enunciates of how vision, imagination and action can work together.

The project can be tracked on social media via #TriumphusVisionis


Inkjet on chiffon, ed1/1
300 x 800 x 270 cm

Mixed media on woodpulp cardboard
100 x 70 cm

Printed book, ed1/1 and music stand
White chalk and foamboard

Inkjet on chiffon, ed of 5
135 x 135 cm


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