Mirror Walk is a participatory series of pieces realised in collaboration with different institutions that have commissioned a version of the workshop, re-adapted each time to the specific location and its community.

A simple tool like an ordinary mirror, becomes the device for an unusual exploration of architectural and mental space. Despite happening in locations that are usually very familiar to the participants, the workshop focuses on the disregarded and empty space above our heads, the niches and alcoves created by ceilings and roofs. Looking at their fragmented and reflected image in the mirror, they virtually become a surreally walkable space for wondering with our bodies and with our minds. Suggesting that, however empty, it might be integral to our ability to live in a place, this space– the immaterial counterpart to our furniture and belongings – is here seen as a potential container for our mental images, reveries, dreams and memories.

Happening as an artist-led workshop, the observation is guided through different steps during which the participants are invited to gradually adapt the speed and ways of their movements to the vision of their eyes and minds. During this performative action, a walking stick and charcoal are introduced: as they walk dragging the stick to follow their motions, the participants proceed to the production of a collective diagram recording visual, mental and body activity.

Mirror Walk was first produced on the London Southbank as a public action with students from UCA Farnham BA Fine Arts course. Enriched by always new elements, it has then travelled to Milton Keynes College and Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro in Milan (2016–2017).