Playmat is a series of maps made as a collaboration during the Covid-19 lockdowns between myself and my then 1 and 3 year old daughters. The work satrted in response to Artist and Son/Daughter a call by Casa Testori in Milan I was invited to participate in. The drawings were an opportunity to reflect on the proximity and enclosure forced on me and my children by the lockdowns, where we limited and disrupted one another and where those very limitations would become the creative conditions that generate unexpected and unprecedented outcomes, both visual and affective.

Working 6-handed over a series of days, we allowed all our mother-duagthers interactions, playtime and exchanges happening over the enclosed space of a 100 x 70 cm sheet of paper to leave a trace. I then mapped them and took stock of dynamics of exchange and affect. The experience became an opportunity to value a challenging time together and a blueprint for future parents and children collaborative drawing workshops.