Worktables is the fruit of a 6-month long doodling conversation between the community of artists at Portugal Prints, a supported studio hosting around 40 people with mental health difficulties, part of BWW Mind. We lined in white canvas the studio tables where artists sit, make art, have teas and coffees, engage in conversation, share lunch and their life and mental health experience. Over 6 month (January to June 2022), through the canvases I collected all interactions and social exchanges in the form of an overlayering of myriads of lines, traces, writing and doodles done by anyone - clients, staff, artists and visitors - who would at any point come to sit at the tables and who all were invited to leave a mark. Through the prolonged effort of sharing visually our inner images and thoughts and interacting through and with them, the work presents a layered map of relationships and of humanity convivially, as well as visually, shared.

The project took place in tandem with Portugal Prints collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery and the exhibition A Century of the Artist Studio. At the end of the project, Portugal Prints artists had the opportunity to exhibit the canvases, now taken off the tables, in the Living Studio at the Whitechapel Gallery.