My practice researches the influence of images and imaginative processes in our human experience of a globalised and digitised world. I point the attention towards situations of the everyday where our experience of material reality and of the present moment merges with the virtual images we accumulated through time from perception, memory, fancy, culture and use of the web. With an analytic approach, my work raises questions about the cognitive role of these phenomena of vision in our use of objects, our ways to inhabit places, develop bonds of familiarity, exchange interpersonal communication and find a sense of community.

My works stem from a continuous process of studio work and theory that uses drawing and installation as its proper language of expression and generates throughout its development moments of discourse in the form of exhibitions, site-specific commissions, interdisciplinary conversations, participation and education projects.

By creating immersive installations of acrylic glass shapes, mirroring, fluorescent and see-through elements, printed silks and digital projections, that punctuate and transfigure architectural spaces and objects, I trigger self-awareness of the viewers’ imaginative experience in action. Layering materials from digital archives, the web, social media and other public databases, I question their mechanisms as artificial imaginations and their influence on collective imagination.

Acting as a counterpart to this empirical side of my work, I experiment with diagrammatic drawing and both scientific and visionary strategies to grasp, unravel and digest the elusive experiences of imagination. Visual symbols borrowed from other disciplines merge with pictorial marks, handwriting, systems of notation, 3D modelling, and the expansion into spatial drawing and performative actions, in a continuous process of enunciation, erasure, thinking, rethinking and formulating discourse through drawing.