My practice researches the influence of mental states and imaginative processes in our human experience of a globalised and digitised world. I point the attention towards situations of the everyday where our experience of material reality and of the present moment merges with the virtual images we have accumulated in time through subjective perception, memory, fancy, culture and use of the web. With an analytic approach, my work raises questions about the cognitive role of these phenomena of vision in our use of objects, our ways of inhabiting places, developing bonds of familiarity, exchanging interpersonal communication and finding a sense of community.

My works stem from a continuous process of studio practice and theory, having drawing and installation as its proper language of expression, and generating throughout its development moments of discourse in the form of exhibitions, site-specific commissions, interdisciplinary conversations, public participation and education projects.

I experiment with diagrammatic drawing, scientific imagery and data visualisation - most recently EEG brainwaves - to attempt to capture the elusive experiences of fancy, remembrance, hypnagogia and dream. Approrpiating symbols from a multitude of disciplines to create new ones and layering them with pictorial marks, handwritten notes and found imagery, I enact a process of thinking-through-drawing: a hybrid non linear form of writing that, in continuous enunciation, erasure, thinking, rethinking and accumulation, reflects the patterns and operations of the imagining mind.

In most recent works, these same drawings expand into immersive installations originating a constellation of lasercut acrylic glass shapes, mirroring, fluorescent and see-through suspended elements. Their structure and composition fragment, filter and augment the vision of the material space in which they dwell and turn it into a playground, a sort of accessible empathic mindscape, where the viewer’s imagination is called to action to interpret and navigate one’s surroundings. In other works, digitally printed silk draperies and digital projections layer architectural space with virtual imagery from digital archives, the web, social media and other shared systems of knowledge, questioning the role of such databases as artificial imaginations and their influence on collective imagination.