ACTION : SPACE, exhibition project at FONDAZIONE RIVOLIDUE, Milan
26th September - 1st November 2014

'Perception is master of space in the exact measure in which action is master of time'
(Henri Bergson, Matter and Memory)

Building upon this quote, ACTION : SPACE is a project on the perception of space and the elements of memory, imagination and action that are integral to the subjective nature of perceptive experience. Born as a conversation between me and artists Chloƫ Iza Manasseh and Emily Hawes, the project develops in the form of a dialogue between our works installed in the exhibition space of Fondazione Rivolidue.

Works of the three artists are present on all the three floors of the building. Playing with contrast and juxtaposition, echo and repetition, they shape and activate a non-linear navigation of the space for the spectator. The works on show attract the eyes and mind of the viewers, by triggering memory, imaginative involvement and potential for interaction with the objects displayed. Thus perception is seen as an active viewing experience: stimulating movement across the space, provoking action and awakening awareness of the present context.

Watch Maria Teresa Ortoleva, Chloƫ Iza Manasseh and Emily Hawes discuss the ideas of ACTION : SPACE in a multidisciplinary conversation with Philosophy Professors Edward Winters and Derek Matravers. click here