P ∩ M → I
P ∩ M → I
Perception intersecting Memory produces Imagination.

This section of my work identifies the interplay of perception and memory as the fundamental ground for imagination to arise in the experience of objects and places.

Using digital projections to layer projected immaterial data onto material objects, I reflect on the interaction between the present data of our senses synthesized in perception and the past data of our experience re-emerging in form of mnemonic images. This exchange is key to the way in which we experience things.

The merging of material and virtual (perception and memory) I set up with my installations, result in the production of a third image to the eyes of the beholder. It exceeds its basic components and in it objective presence and subjective contribution cannot be told apart anymore. The effect is the ability of the work to trigger the viewers’ engagement with their own subjectivity, memory and imagination.

Finally, the work challenges what happens when images of memory are drawn out of the past and cling to the materiality of present objects. By finding a physical body the virtual mnemonic image takes up a cognitive role: it penetrates beyond nostalgia reaching to influence the subject’s awareness of the present and his capacity to act upon it.